Last Updated: 06.30.2022

Type Token Amount Percentage Price Per Token Vesting Schedule
Total 1,000,000,000 100%
Signal 40,000,000 4% 0.0132 $t$=914, $i$=0.9945, $y_0$=1.0
Seed 250,000,000 25% 0.0135 $t$=914, $i$=0.9945, $y_0$=1.0
Strategic 140,000,000 14% 0.025 $t$=730, $i$=0.9933, $y_0$=1.1
Private 70,000,000 7% 0.039 $t$=548, $i$=0.9896, $y_0$=1.2
Team 100,000,000 10% $t$=914, $i$=0.9945, $y_0$=0
Foundation 110,000,000 11% Unlocked After 24 Months
Ecosystem Growth 70,000,000 7% TBD
Partnerships & Bounties 120,000,000 12% Unlocked by DAO Consensus
Pre-Public (Series A) 100,000,000 10% 0.06 $t$=274, $i$=0.9768, $y_0$=1.3

Base Vesting Regression


Var Description
$A$ Amplitude
$t$ Days
$i$ Curve Factor
$y_0$ Starting Point

Market Capitalization

Fully diluted market capitalization numbers are as follows:

Round Market Cap
Signal $13,200,000.00
Seed $13,500,000.00
Strategic $25,000,000.00
Private $39,000,000.00
Pre-Public (Series A) $60,000,000.00

Circulating Supply

Event Amount Percentage Market Cap
Launch 7,057,620 0.7% $423,457
Day 100 11,377,640 1.1% $671,364
Day 365 143,033,170 14.3% $8,481,749

Signal Round

The signal allocation is available to Signal funds and valuable individuals who contribute to liquidity, strategy and interested in a long term partnership.

🎟 Reserved

Seed Round

The seed allocation is available to individuals and well connected individuals who can contribute valuable resources in order to assist Sigma Labs in achieving its goal of becoming a top 100 DeFi ecosystem.

✅ Fulfilled

Strategic Partners

The strategic allocation is available to influencers and certain groups who will help with PR or marketing for Sigma products.

✅ Fulfilled

Private Round

The private round is available for approved early individual investors into Sigma Labs.

✅ Fulfilled

Series A (Pre-Public)

The Pre-Public round is available for pre-approved individuals or funds prior to the product launch and exchange listing.

⏳ Upcoming


This allocation is for protocol improvements, development, innovation, team scaling and liquidity provisioning.

Partnerships & Bounties

The partnership token reservation is for motivating integration partnerships which benefit the community from a growth and innovation perspective.

Ecosystem Growth

Ecosystem tokens will be reserved for growing the entire SDEX ecosystem and its expansion into other DeFi markets for capturing additional markets.