All pool contracts contain the function timelock which allows users to deposit liquidity for a specific period of time.

The benefits to locking up liquidity:

Lockup Fee
No lock 0.03 tx fee from pool transactions
60 days 0.03 tx fee + 3% interest APY
120 days 0.03 tx fee + 7% interest APY
360 days 0.03 tx fee + 15% interest APY
720 days 0.03 tx fee + 50% interest APY

We propose the following regression which enables the liquidity provider to earn tx fees plus extra rewards from the token inflation policy or rewards reserve pool.

360 day liquidity stake with 15% inflationary interest rate


Liquidity is squared to represent 2 token sides.

abbreviation description
l Liquidity Value in Dollar Amount
t Time in Years
i Interest Rate

This function can have a set value of time where the liquidity is inaccessible unless the user wants to have their initial liquidity deposit penalized.

Removing Liquidity After a Contract Matures

Flow for collecting rewards after time locked contract is matured

Removing Liquidity Before a Contract Matures

Flow for unstaking too early